Common Questions – What Happens if Someone Gets Hurt on My Property?

Unexpected things happen all the time and life can get complicated pretty quickly.  Luckily, we’re here to answer questions about common legal and financial situations you may find yourself in.

Q. If someone gets hurt on my property am I personally responsible for them?

A. This depends upon a number of things.  Did you invite them?  Were they trespassers?   Were they someone else’s guest (in other words you invited their friend and the friend brought them along).   This may be one of the situations where your homeowners insurance covers you.

Now someone can get hurt in many ways.   They can fall down.  Your kid or you punches them in an eye.  Your dog bites them.  They cut themselves helping prepare dinner or chopping wood for you.  How many of you have had these things happen to you ?  Write us about it.


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