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Identity Theft, Scams, and Fraud On Sharon Community Television

Did you know that your credit cards can be stolen without anyone ever laying a hand on your wallet?  Do you know the difference between “phishing” and “smishing”?  Residents of Sharon and surrounding towns learned the many new techniques scam artists and fraudsters are using today to steal your identity and bank information.  The third in “The Law, Your Money….and You!” series, “Live at the Library,” featured three experts in the ever-changing arena of fraud, scams and identity theft.  Mark O’Shaugnessy of Identity Theft 911, Barbara Minkwitz of Eastern Bank, and Nicole Sanders O’Toole of the State Consumer Affairs Department, gave tips to consumers on how to recognize the danger signs of deceptive practices, and the steps we can all take to protect ourselves.  To see a replay of the show, tune in to SCTV Monday at 1:30 PM or 10:00 PM, or Wednesday at 11:30 AM or 9:30 PM.


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