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Common Questions – Troublesome Canines

Unexpected things happen all the time and life can get complicated pretty quickly.  Luckily, we’re here to answer questions about common legal and financial situations you may find yourself in.

Q.  My neighbor’s dog barks all day.  They refuse to put him inside.  What can I do?

A.  You can first talk to them and explain that the barking is very disturbing and distressful for you.   If that fails, call the dog officer.  That is the “cheapest” way out.  You could go to court and get a restraining order as you do have the right to “quiet enjoyment.”   But it is faster to call your local town dog officer and complain.  Most towns have ordinances to this effect.  Whatever you do, don’t threaten or go near the dog.


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Help the Environment, Help Yourself

Have you thought about donating a piece of land to conservation?  It’s an easy way to help our planet while also benefiting you financially.  Just a thought.

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Manage Your Pain!

You’ve heard of managing your money and managing your time and managing your closet – how about organizing your pain ????  A new and exciting program is being offered by HESSCO through Stanford University.

The My Life My Health workshop is a 6 week program designed and researched by the Stanford University Medical Center. The program helps individuals living with a challenging persistent or chronic health condition. Attendees learn strategies developed and tested by researchers that help you to set and meet personal goals, identify and try out simple techniques to improve your quality of life, improve communication with your doctor, increase your energy levels and more. Research shows that people who attend this program show improvement in exercise, symptom management, improved self-reported general health, less fatigue and more. According to the Stanford University Medical Center research, workshop participants have fewer hospitalizations and less outpatient visits with  their physicians. Contact HESSCO Elder Services for information about the next available workshop at 781-784-4944.

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Your Questions Answered on Sharon Community Television

After nearly two years on the air, “The Law, Your Money and You” has become one of the most popular shows on community television.  Hosted by Sharon residents Roberta Saphire, an attorney and business owner, and Camille Barron, a financial organizer specializing in asset protection, it features interviews with experts who answer legal and financial questions in plain, simple language the average person can understand.

This week, Roberta and Camille answer many of the questions viewers have submitted since the program first went on the air in 2010. “From a neighbor’s tree falling on someone’s property to the rights of tenants and landlords, people want to know their options”, says Roberta Saphire.  “This program is for our viewers”, adds Camille Barron.  “They e-mail us with their questions, and we try to get them the answers.  They make a suggestion for a future topic, and we host a show on that topic. “

The show airs on Sharon Community Television Mondays and Wednesdays at 11:00 AM and 9:30 PM.   It also is now featured on community television in many surrounding towns.  If you, your family or friends are not Sharon residents, check with your local cable TV to check when The Law, Your Money, and YOU! airs in your town.

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