Simplify taxes next year by organizing your finances now!

In the past, when tax time came around every year, I promised myself I would make it easier next year by keeping better records.  Fast forward to the next year, and guess what?  All those good intentions went someplace…..I don’t know where.   What I realized much  later was the fact that I lacked a systematic way to track my expenses.   I found some useful tools that have helped me organize my finances and manage my spending.  This has saved me a great deal of time in the day-to-day money management, which translates into less time spent gathering information for tax filing.   But the extra benefit has been finding some deductible expenses that I otherwise would have forgotten, and that has reduced my taxes!  The lesson is to start now, while the tax return experience is fresh in your mind.  Send us an e-mail for some useful tips, and be sure to come to our next “Live at the Library” on May 23rd, where we’ll have lots to share about organizing your finances, time and more!


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