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Share Your Scam Stories With Us!

I got an email from a friend asking for money and saying that she just landed somewhere and not to tell anyone about it.  Such an old scam.  I called my friend and she said that she couldn’t get into her email, etc.  We’ve heard it all before.  This topic was covered not only in one of our shows but also at a Live at the Library event on fraud awareness.  Tell us if you have recently encountered an “old” scam or a “new scam…


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Share Your Experiences: New Probate Rules

Do the new Uniform Probate Rules effect you?    From what I can see, most attorneys have many questions that at this point are unanswerable and that is why the Probate Courts in Massachusetts might be “quiet” over the next week (I bet till May 1) –   But it will all get straightened out.   Did you know that there is no longer an Executor (male) or Executrix (female) in a Will?     They are now called Personal Representatives…   Join in and let us hear your experiences or questions!

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Estate Auctions or Yard Sales?

Give us your opinion on estate auctions!  Which do you prefer, yard sales or auctions?  Ever had one?  Share your story with us!


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